YIKES Adds Election Day as Company Holiday

After 20 Years in business, why not add a new holiday?

It would be next to impossible to ignore the upcoming US Presidential election, but as business owners, Tracy and I both believe that business and politics should not mix. YIKES makes donations and offers in-kind services on a regular basis but not to political organizations or candidates.

That being said, we have always strongly encouraged our employees to vote, allowing people to do whatever it takes to make sure they exercise this very important constitutional right. Recently while thinking about the efforts to improve the voting process and make Election Day a national holiday, I realized as business owners, we could change our policy today!

We believe access to voting directly impacts communities. As a Certified B Corporation and PA Benefit Corporation, we incorporate into our mission the well being of people. The more people who vote, the better represented our local communities and our country.

Adding Election Day as a paid holiday allows everyone at YIKES the opportunity to vote. It also gives people time to volunteer on Election day – work at the polls, assist people who need help getting to their polling location.

We hope other businesses will join us in supporting #ElectionDayHoliday!

For more resources on voter registration, deadlines and rules, check out Vote.org, an excellent, non-partisan voter information portal that uses technology to increase voter participation.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts and B Corporation Certification.

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