Tracy Levesque


Tracy has been designing websites since Mosiac was used to browse the web. She has expertise in front-end design and development. At YIKES you can find her managing projects, running discovery meetings and working on business development with Mia. Tracy still loves to code — day-to-day she works on building WordPress themes and plugins.

Tracy also loves to teach and present on all things WordPress. She has spoken at WordCamps Philly, New York, Montreal, San Francisco and Lancaster. She was also a contributor to multiple versions of WordPress.As a Girl Develop IT instructor, Tracy shares her decade of WordPress experience.

When not behind a computer, Tracy loves to drink coffee, ride her bike, play drums, hang out with her daughter and take pictures of abandoned buildings.

Mia Levesque


Mia Levesque is co-owner and co-founder of YIKES, Inc. Mia works as a Digital Project Manager and Technical Production Editor, managing several large scale websites and web application integrations. She has been working with the Internet and web since 1992 and has expertise in content integration, multiple Content Management Systems, HTML/CSS, MySQL data management, WordPress, and other web technologies. Mia is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. Prior to YIKES, Mia worked as a Medical Copyeditor.

Recently Mia has been using her degree in French as part of the WordPress Polyglot team to help translate WordPress for French Canadian users.

I'm Translating at WordPress Translation Day!

Scott Wilson

Front-End Designer

Scott is an alumni of the Art Institute of Philadelphia where he graduated in 2002 with honors and a 4.0 GPA. He is a multimedia expert and web designer with expertise in latest HTML, CSS, video deployment for web, and responsive design.

Scott is a true tech geek, always staying informed about the newest trends in web, gadgets and computers. He loves researching and digging through code to find out how things work. Scott is always eager to help the team and clients in anyway he can. If Scott is faced with a new technology challenge, he won’t sleep until he has it figured out.

When Scott unplugs (ha ha), he likes hanging out by the beach and finding new, adventurous foods to eat. There aren’t many foods Scott has not tried. He is willing to try just about anything.

Carlos Zuniga

PHP Developer

Carlos has over 15 years of experience in web development. He is an expert level PHP developer with a specialty in WordPress development creating custom plugins and themes. Carlos excels at building sites with multiple data types that all need to talk to each other and display elegantly for users.

Carlos is also a member of the WordPress Polyglots team and is a translation editor for Mexican Spanish version of WordPress.

In his free time, Carlos enjoys practicing mixed martial arts and discussing his game plan for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Kevin Utz


Kevin is a graduate of Drexel University’s information systems program, where he graduated summa cum laude in 2016. Like his father, Kevin is a computer programmer and was born with a computer in front of him. He has previously worked in the insurance and energy industries, writing websites, managing databases, and handling integrations.

At YIKES, Kevin is a full stack developer, writing PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS for WordPress websites and plugins.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys reading literature, watching soccer (football!), and playing with his beautiful kitty, Moby. His favorite authors include J.D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, David Foster Wallace, and Herman Melville. He will make sure to never miss an Arsenal FC match.