#techInColor wrap up

This year during Philly Tech Week, YIKES was proud to sponsor and help organize #techInColor for the second year in a row. This year’s event was held at First Round Capital on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Over 100 people attended, and the outcome was more than expected. Each mentor had 6 – 10 minute sessions with attendees throughout the course of the evening. Our mentor list included folks in web development, science, startups, and more. Additionally, we had small group sessions with group leaders who shared their expertise in various fields. Thank you to all the group leaders and mentors. Stay tuned for more #techInColor events happening this year, and be sure to join our MeetUp!


  • Josh Angotti – Ask me anything about: Product management.
  • Jeffrey Becker – Ask me anything about: .NET development, agile software development, and how to level up as a jr. developer.
  • Ann Burton – Ask me anything about: Interviewing, resumes, and career development.
  • Ingrid Geronimo – Ask me anything about: Requirements gathering, testing & quality assurance, and how to build your technical confidence.
  • Shanice Graham – Ask me anything about: Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, and Analytics.
  • Ian Leibovici – Ask me anything about: Digital marketing strategy, UX/UI Design, Information architecture and Design Processes.
  • Tracy Levesque – Ask me anything about: WordPress, web design and development, B Corps, Green Building and running a triple bottom line business.
  • Amelia Longo – Ask me anything about: Being a non-technical person in tech, authentic networking, targeted outreach for diverse audiences, or gender and the workplace.
  • Brian Lyttle – Ask me anything about: Python and .NET, working remotely, consulting, or working with large companies.
  • Erin (Cricket) Reichenberger – Ask Me Anything About: Microbiome, metagenomics, bioinformatics​, and programming.
  • Michael Riley – Ask me anything about: Growing a successful business/startup.
  • Zoe Rooney – Ask me anything about: Building websites, WordPress, Shopify, or running a small web development business.
  • Tiffanie Stanard – Ask me anything about: Owning multiple companies, technology skills for various industries, product marketing campaigns, branding yourself and your company, developing corporate partnerships, becoming an expert in your field.
  • Colby Tecklin – Ask me anything about: Videophones, video communication, general networking, communication tools, and customer service.
  • Corinne Warnshuis – Ask me anything about: Getting involved in the community and/or Leveling up your skills
  • Carlos Zuniga – Ask me anything about: WordPress Development, PHP Development, Internet Security.

Group Discussion Leaders

  • Sarah Gray – My Expertise: Hunting for software development jobs, community resources, open source software development with Python and and web development with Rails.
  • TJ Nicolaides – My Expertise: Front end development / Javascript / teaching programming / CakePHP
  • Michelle Rogers – My Expertise: Healthcare informatics – the intersection of health, people and information.
  • Kevin Taylor – My Expertise: Project management, group collaboration, and workplace learning and performance improvement.
  • Ani Vemprala – My Expertise: Launching a startup in Philly, building a tech/engineering team, interviewing at startups, your data & analytics challenges.
  • Elise Wei – My Expertise: Changing careers into software dev, SaaS, hiring, managing a team, being a new parent, getting involved in the community.

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