Philly Tech Week 2016

By Melanie Chongolola-Nestor

Hello, Melanie here. Are you as excited for Philly Tech Week 2016 as I am? Last year was my first, and it was a great introduction to the Philadelphia Tech community. I’ve learned so much since then; enough to no longer be a noob, but still, before I can confidently say I understand all of things tech (is that even humanly possible?). Fortunately, Philly Tech Week is here to help all of us learn a bit more about this constantly evolving industry.

The following are a few events that I would love to attend. I won’t be able to attend all of the events because a lot of is at the same time. So until the technology to be two places at once is invented, I hope this list inspires you to check them out. And when the technology to be two places at once is invented, I really hope there is a preview at Philly Tech Week 😉


As technology makes the world smaller, respectfully recognizing all of its cultures is an important way to keep yourself informed and involved in the tech world.

Through a Prism: Why Diversity Matters in Design & Tech – 4/28/2016
Tracy Levesque, 1 of 2 super bosses at YIKES, will be a member of the panel; and will be discussing things like attracting and retaining diverse talent, and the positive impacts of having a diverse staff.

TechniCulture – 4/29/2016
A presentation from the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance about how cultural organizations can use more technology and innovation in reaching their goals.

Success Hacks: Paving Your Own Way in Tech – 5/5/2016
The PTW event YIKES is happy to sponsor and co-organize for the 3rd year in a row! This year, we will hear from presenters on what it means to be successful in the tech world and their personal story of how they got where they are today.


Because, ART.

OUT OF FRAME – week-long
A curated online exhibition showcasing work defined as Disruptive Tech.

For the Kids

With technology being a part of everyday life, give the kids in your life some early experience in working with technology, not just playing with it.

Intro to Video Production – 4/30/2016
A chance for kids in the 6th-8th grades to learn everything about TV production and being in front or behind the camera in.

Coded by Kids Community Tech Week Events – opening weekend event
An all access weekend event in rec. centers throughout the city that will provide an introduction in Coding 101. This event is all ages.


Give yourself a leg up and learn some new things and skills.

Innovation in the Cannabis Industry: Technology, Medical, & Investment – 4/30/2016
Regardless of your stance on the use of marijuana, there are great business and technology opportunities that the marijuana market creates. Being in the know about it doesn’t make someone a stoner, missing out on opportunities does.

Transforming Tomorrow Today: How Emerging Technologies and Trends are Reshaping Greater Philadelphia – 5/3/2016
A discussion about how technology can change trends with sustainability, climate change, transportation and even the free market.

Getting More Done with Less – 5/3/2016
Because efficiency and resourcefulness are qualities everyone wants in an employee, friend or partner.

Dev Intro Workshops – 5/4/2016
The title is pretty self-explanatory.

#techInColor presents Success Hacks: Paving Your Own Way in Tech – 5/5/2016
Success is not a defined path with numerical steps. Learn how you can create you own successful path in the tech world. This is the third year that YIKES has co-organized and sponsored this #techincolor event!

PACT Startup Fundraising workshop – 5/6/2016
There is a lot of money out there for people who are looking to start their own business, launch their app or share their invention with the world. This session will help you find the various sources.

Career Growth

Connecting the Dots: Matching your skills to a career in tech – 5/3/2016
For people who are trying to begin a career in tech, or take their tech jobs to the next level; this session is for you

Tell Your Story: Crafting an Authentic Elevator Pitch That Works – 5/3/2016
This session will teach you how to turn your achievements and life experience into opportunities for advancement.

Local Philadelphian Interest

Startups & Spaces: Tech’s Impact on Philly’s Real Estate Market – 5/3/2016
As a homeowner in Philadelphia, it’s important to me to know where the real estate market is going and why. This event will provide more perspective into how the tech industry affects Philly real estate.

Just Plain Fun

Opportunities to socialize and network with other Techies.

PTW16 Kickoff festival – 4/29/2016
Live performances, games and being outdoors on a spring night in Philly.

Electric Philly – 4/30/2016
Electronic dance music made from video games. I love Daft Punk and Donkey Kong. Bring it!

The Rad Awards – 5/3/2016
A night to celebrate Philadelphia’s innovative and inspiring women.

Hive76’s Retro Gaming Night – 5/3/2016
Like I said I love Donkey Kong. I also love Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog and Wario. I hope I have a chance to play all of my favorite old school games.

#PTW16 Cinco De Mayo Block Party – 5/5/2016
This party will be about more than just tequila. Think tequila and tech and networking.

Philly Tech Week Signature Event – 5/6/2016
Last year’s event at Comcast was a great time. This year’s event will be at the Naval Yard, which is a beautiful venue.

Techies Who Brunch – 5/7/2016
Even if you feel all networked out by the end of the week, the food at Cuba Libre is delicious. Grab your business cards, put on a nice smile and enjoy some tapas.

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