Tracy Levesque


Co-President / Co-Founder

Tracy has been designing websites since Mosaic was used to browse the web. She has expertise in front-end engineering and WordPress theme development. At YIKES you can find her managing projects, running discovery meetings and working on business development with Mia. Tracy still loves to code — day-to-day she works on building WordPress themes and plugins.

Tracy also loves to teach and present on all things WordPress. She has spoken at WordCamps Philly, New York, Montreal, San Francisco, San Diego, Lancaster and WordCamp US. She was also a contributor to multiple versions of WordPress. And gave the keynote at WordCamp Philly 2018. As a former Girl Develop It instructor, Tracy developed and taught the WordPress curriculum for GDI Philly, and co-developed and taught the Web development program for inmates at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution.

When not behind a computer, Tracy loves to drink coffee, ride her bike, play drums, hang out with her family and watch lots of television.