Library System of Lancaster County

About Library System of Lancaster County

The Library System of Lancaster County, PA is a federated system with 14 member libraries, three branches and a bookmobile, which serves 519,462 residents. Established in April 1987, the Library System provides well-coordinated countywide services and cooperative programs to assist member libraries in meeting the diverse needs of its community residents.

The LSLC support and centralized services include, but are not limited to: public Internet access, shared OPAC system, subscription to database and online homework help research services, consulting services, continuing education training on internal library operations including budgeting and accounting, governance, business information services, youth services, public relations, assistance with countywide programs and services; technology support including WANs and LANs with servers for managing telecommunications, web hosting, email, calendars, the catalog, circulation, Headquarters and Library PCs and peripherals, with training and security as additional components.

The Challenge

The majority of the Library System of Lancaster County’s websites were built using legacy and proprietary platforms including one static HTML site. There was no consistency in their content management systems. Each had a separate login and each required a different skill set for the administrator. All 13 websites needed to share common information while acting as unique entities. The old system required this shared information be entered into each website separately. The sites were outdated and not engaging for the end user. Most were not responsive and difficult to navigate creating frustration for members.

YIKES’ commitment to social responsibility makes them great partners for any non-profit trying to improve their social impact through their online presence.

Mark Sandblade, Information Technology Manager
Library System of Lancaster County

The Solution

For the Library System of Lancaster County we choose to go with a WordPress Multisite install. This way Superadmins could use one account to login and manage the main and all 13 member websites and member sites could be quickly onboarded to the new system. We created a custom theme and suite of plugins to manage the unique needs of the Libraries: Events, Event Registration, Library information, FAQs, Staff and How-Tos. Data is shared from the main site to the member libraries and back so information is maintained in one location and displayed as necessary on multiple locations. Now the Library System has a unified design and system to manage its web presence.

We loved the challenge of creating a unified system for all the Library System of Lancaster County member libraries websites.

Tracy Levesque