WordCamp San Francisco

By Tracy Levesque

October 21, 2014

WordCamp San Francisco is the unofficial official and biggest WordPress conference in the World.

This year three members of the YIKES team will be at WCSF — Tracy, Carlos and Evan. Tracy will be giving a 5-minute lightening talk on Teaching People to WordPress.

YIKES is also proud to be a sponsor this year! If you’re there, find us and say “hi!” We’ll be giving away some swag and we’ll have a few t-shirts to hand out as well. 🙂

My Trip to WordCamp San Francisco

By Tracy Levesque

August 2, 2013

A week ago today I was watching my colleagues present while scared out of my mind over my impending talk at WordCamp San Francisco: What You Don’t Know You Can Do: WordPress Development for Absolutely Everyone.

I had spoken at a few WordCamps before, but this was the big one AND was being live streamed. For some reason the live stream folks freaked me out more than the audience at the venue. However, I warmed up with some yo-yo tricks and was feeling good by the time I started speaking. I really do love talking to people about WordPress and that makes it easier.

I had a fantastic time at WCSF. I learned a lot, met a ton of awesome folks, and participated in Contribute day answering support questions. Helping people in the support forums is addictive, and I plan on continuing to contribute to the WordPress community.

I was very impressed with the number of Women involved with WordPress.

Some Women of WordPress @courtneydawn, @sabreuse and @Ipstenu
Some People of WordPress @courtneydawn, @sabreuse and @Ipstenu

The afternoon of my talk was filled with great female presenters:

The after party at Automattic headquarters was super fun as well. I met a cool 13 year-old kid named Noah. He showed me where all the cool swag was. I have no doubt he will be working there some day.

I also ended the party playing Rock Band which is my favorite video game ever.

I am already looking forward to WCSF 2014 and bringing more of the YIKES gang there with me.

Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers for putting on an amazing conference. See you next year!

In geek Heaven playing Rock Band at Automattic headquarters
In geek Heaven playing Rock Band at Automattic headquarters