ColdFusion Summit 2014

By Pearson Barlow

November 12, 2014

Going to Las Vegas for the ColdFusion Summit always gets me giddy.  Why?  It’s the circus-like environment that surrounds the very essence of application programming.  Whether you are a seasoned ColdFusion developer or just diving into the language for the first time, this summit has something for everyone, and this year Adobe certainly didn’t hold back.  Spring boarding into the sessions on Day 1, Adobe brought in Mark Sanborn straight out of his idea studio to give us a Keynote speech to remember.  How to reach true potential?  Check. Strategy for team building? Check.  Defining what true craftsmanship is, check and check.  You didn’t have to be a programmer to walk away with an “ah-ha” moment listening to Mark, which set the tempo for the days to come.

I tend to lean towards the security discussions.  You simply cannot have enough knowledge in terms of what is attacking your site, and how and why.  Constructing ways to defend such attacks is priority in these sessions.

  • Security 101: Safeguard and steer off cyber attacks at the application scope before anything else.  CF11 has some pretty neat features built in to assist. Thanks Adobe.
  • ColdFusion variables need to live outside of CSS and HTML tags, otherwise get your encode on!
  • What are the top 5 things are that hinder scalability. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  • WebSockets are snazzy; yeah, I said it.
  • Legacy code exists and it haunts the dreams of most programmers.  Bring it into this century and at the same time how not to invest huge man hours and money in doing so.

All in all, the ColdFusion Summit gave tremendous knowledge and motivation to take back home, perfect ingredients for better coding.

Saying Goodbye to Linda, Our Summer Unicorn

By Jodie Riccelli

August 7, 2014

It’s a sad time for YIKES. Our summer intern, Linda Gorman, is leaving to go back to college. Linda will be a senior at Syracuse University this fall. Prior to interning at YIKES, Linda studied abroad in Japan for a semester, tackled numerous independent projects, and interned at other reputable businesses.

While at YIKES, she was instrumental in supporting work on a wide range of projects, learning ColdFusion along the way. Her knowledge in a variety of technologies and her keen editing abilities were a great addition to the team. Linda is truly a tech unicorn with the ability to program in different languages, work proficiently with Bootstrap, test UX/UI, develop dashboards, and more.

While at YIKES, she discovered Indian Food, cappuccino potato chips, and Pho. We couldn’t be prouder. We wish her the best of luck in the upcoming school year. It was an honor to have her part of the team this summer.

Luckily we can continue to follow her successes on Twitter and her website!

As one door closes another opens they say. Therefore we are looking for interns! You can get more information on our jobs page.

Tech Unicorn by Phine. Can you spot all 8 technologies plus a bonus YIKES logo icon?
Tech Unicorn by Phine. Can you spot all 8 technologies plus a bonus YIKES logo icon?

Pearson attends the ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas

By Jodie Riccelli

January 14, 2014

Our ColdFusion developer, Pearson Barlow, headed to the West Coast at the end of October to attend the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013. The summit provides a great way for developers to learn about new ColdFusion innovations and also network with other folks in the field.

ColdFusion Summit
Pearson at the ColdFusion Summit 2013

Below are some of the moments that Pearson found to be the most significant.

Web Application Best Security Practices:
Amazing two session presentation by Jason Dean of Dakota County Technical College. The sessions covered everything from rock solid security policies and variable encoding, to smart hashing and encryption.

Mobile Application Development:
CFClient is the new cat on the block. Amazing what this tag can do to assist developers in creating powerful rich mobile apps. We are extremely excited about this new targeted functionality that will be bundled with the new ColdFusion Splendor.

HTML5 Charting:
“A picture is worth a thousand words” Charts allow us to visualize massive data feeds from user trends to sales figures and HTML5 charts bring customizable, dynamic imagery to viewing that data. The new ColdFusion 10 allows us to quickly generate, responsive HTML5 charts on the fly, enabling zooming and delivering dynamic elements to our clients data — what’s not to like?

What is ColdFusion and why is it cool?

By Jodie Riccelli

September 9, 2013

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial, enterprise level, application server product. It’s a rapid application development platform for web applications. At YIKES, we are big fans of developing in ColdFusion or CFML. We have been using it to create websites since 2001. We find it to be the perfect solution for some of our larger projects. Started in 1995, CFML grew into the full platform that it is today.

An interesting fact, more Fortune 500 companies use CFML than any other language! Even the government prefers it over any other language!

Key Points of ColdFusion:

  • Highly secure code
  • Easy to read code
  • Highly Scalable – especially as your visitors increase
  • Great charting component
  • Award Winning (GIDS, SIIA Codie, JOLT)
  • Easy and fast deployment

Visit our portfolio to see some of the work we have done in ColdFusion. Our lead CFML Programer will be attending the 2013 Adobe ColdFusion Summit. Check back for his reports.

OncoLink Cancer Resources developed in ColdFusion
OncoLink Cancer Resources developed in ColdFusion