Thin Difference

About Thin Difference

Thin Difference challenges the present and builds towards the future. Too often, leaders create gaps by leaving problems unsolved, disparities extended, and progress held back. We have too much work to do to get trapped in the gaps.

In the world of transportation, to get from Point A on one side to Point B on the other side, we build bridges. Repeatedly in leadership, we dig a deeper gulf rather than shape connections and explore an effective passage forward.

The Challenge

Thin Difference was using a cheap cookie-cutter theme, the site needed a redesigned homepage that truly represents the purpose and clearly defined the message of Thin Difference. Page Speed results showed the need for improvement and optimizations for images, scripts, CSS files.

YIKES stands out by helping websites rise above the rest through exceptional service, excellent performance, and expert design. YIKES stands out in the good works they deliver for their city and diverse sectors in diverse areas. Good companies doing good work and good works are a rare find, and YIKES sets a remarkable example across all.

Jon Mertz, CEO
Thin Difference and Activate World

The Solution

After our initial Website Evaluation and Inventory, YIKES  designed a custom theme to improve website speed and functionality and create a better user experience.

The new website is now designed to:

  • Give visitors a clear understanding of the underlying mission of Thin Difference while making it easy to engage.
  • Improve website speed and performance across all devices.
  • Entice visitors to subscribe to the Mailchimp newsletter to grow the list for Thin Difference and Active.World.
  • Make visitors feel good about connecting.