The Center for Data Driven Discovery of Biomedicine

About The Center for Data Driven Discovery of Biomedicine

The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine’s (D³b) research programs continue to drive innovation in translational research discoveries, clinical trials, and standards of care for children and adults diagnosed with devastating diseases. D³b’s scientific expertise and diverse research platforms target pediatric cancers and diseases of childhood development, with pediatric brain tumors as a driving area of research emphasis.

The Challenge wanted to advance information sharing in precision treatments for cancer and other child illnesses, but they had a simple website announcing. Once the Center was established, D3b.conter needed a beautiful, fully functioning website to align with the goals of the center and the target audiences. 

The Solution

YIKES designed and developed a new WordPress theme for D³b that now:

  1. Serves as a hub for the target audiences.
  2. Allows patients to access the patient portal.
  3. Provides research project information.
  4. Provides frequent news and information to patients and their families.
  5. Positions the as an industry leader.

Also crucial for the team is the robust WordPress Dashboard for managing all sit content.