About Sporked

Sporked is the first website project of the Mythical Crew, joining Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link and Mythical Kitchen. Sporked is your guide through the aisles. They are your go-to source for expert, authoritative opinions on the best-packaged foods you can possibly buy, either in a grocery store or online.

The Challenge

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal’s Good Mythical Morning YouTube series with over 17.5 million subscribers and more than 7.7 billion total video views had amassed years of culinary discoveries. They wanted a site to feature grocery store hot takes, essays, listicles, rankings, new product reviews, and food-related news of the day. The Sporked editorial team needed a way to put together listicles, rankings, videos and other specialized content.

The Solution

After our collaborative research and discovery meeting, YIKES, Inc. created a design that captures the friendly, 90s nostalgia-inspired vibe the Sporked team was looking for. We extended a Listcicle block and built custom blocks to allow the team to easily build rankings posts, including an affiliate links block that connects via an API to fetch affiliate metadata. We worked with the Mythical Ad Ops company to set banner ad areas that can be conditionally fed and tracked. Reusable blocks and customized Dashboard allow content creators to easily highlight content from Mythical, related articles, sponsored posts, and other specialized content.

One of the most fun websites we have ever built! The Sporked team was a pleasure to work with and now I know the best vegan cheese to buy.

Tracy Levesque