The Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) is a collaborative, multi-institutional research program dedicated to the study and treatment of childhood brain tumors. The CBTTC supports the research of new prognostic biomarkers and therapies for children with pediatric brain tumors. As part of this research effort, the CBTTC has developed a network of informatics and data applications which allow researchers from across the world to work together to discover cures. “Innovation through collaboration” is made possible by the CBTTC’s state-of-the-art biorepository as well as expertise of leaders in the field of biomedicine.


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium needed a focused, updated and responsive site to explain their unique mission of bringing together leading pediatric brain cancer clinicians, researchers and institutions partnered for cutting edge scientific innovation, collaboration, open data sharing. They wanted to create a new blog to talk about their lab and provide news. The team needed a way to add and update content. CHOP CBTTC also needed a custom Member Institutions section that would be easy to update. The site needed to outreach to patient families and provide information for researchers.


YIKES designed and developed a new WordPress website. Working with a very busy CBTTC team, we created an inviting design to help patient families understand the important efforts of CBTTC and added functionality to efficiently and quickly manage custom content, such as the member institutions, presentations and projects, events, and portal. With the new website, CBTTC could continue to add partners, blog, and convey their unique mission.

The future-thinking mission of CHOP’s CBTTC to bring tougher in collaboration, top pediatric brain cancer clinicians, researchers and institutions is inspirational. We love working on such a formative project that spearheads cutting edge scientific innovation and breakthroughs through data sharing.

Mia Levesque