Parker Nix

WordPress Developer

Parker is a student at Drexel University where he is studying User Experience and Interaction Design to graduate in 2024. With his knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, he loves migrating content and developing themes that work well for clients.

Parker does best when using his tenacious attitude to figure out different problems in code to find the solution. The feeling of poking around and getting to the best answer is the best satisfaction for him, with everything in its place!

When he’s not moving data and staring at code, he loves playing the violin, cooking, eating, and playing video games. More than anything though, he loves to learn new things and is always curious about pretty much anything from the history of Philly’s transportation system to the best ways to load and unload passengers on a plane (and why the way it’s currently done is conveniently one of the worst ways)!