What is ColdFusion and why is it cool?

September 9, 2013

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial, enterprise level, application server product. It’s a rapid application development platform for web applications. At YIKES, we are big fans of developing in ColdFusion or CFML. We have been using it to create websites since 2001.¬†We find it to be the perfect solution for some of our larger projects. Started in 1995, CFML grew into the full platform that it is today.

An interesting fact, more Fortune 500 companies use CFML than any other language! Even the government prefers it over any other language!

Key Points of ColdFusion:

  • Highly secure code
  • Easy to read code
  • Highly Scalable – especially as your visitors increase
  • Great charting component
  • Award Winning (GIDS, SIIA Codie, JOLT)
  • Easy and fast deployment

Visit our portfolio to see some of the work we have done in ColdFusion. Our lead CFML Programer will be attending the 2013 Adobe ColdFusion Summit. Check back for his reports.

OncoLink Cancer Resources developed in ColdFusion
OncoLink Cancer Resources developed in ColdFusion

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